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Alessandro D'Orazio
Web developer



Most of the traffic on a website comes from smartphones. Therefore, achieving an optimized layout for both smartphone and computer (and not only) is one of the key factors that improves the usability of a website.
For this reason, every product is designed in three different versions : smartphones, tablets and computers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a key factor for a brand. Every company must be able to be found on the Internet from its niche through search engines.
Each product is designed to be SEO-friendly, that is to be found by the most used search engines.

UX Design

During the analysis phase, I optimize interactions with the user, in order to increase his satisfaction, improving the usability, ease of use and elegance of a product.
Before developing a project , are proposed to the client of the layouts with the relative interactions.

Remote work


I am always available to make a call or a video conference to discuss your next product. I provide various communication channels in order to make the working relationship quick and functional.


Each project is subdivided into tasks which are assigned a priority, in order to be able to develop the key functionalities first, and then the secondary ones.
Having a good organization is fundamental especially in the analysis phase, where you carry out the design choices that will characterize the product.

Time Keeping

The development of functional and efficient code allows faster times for the development of the final product. Each client receives a detailed overview of the hours spent on a given project.