Crafting web solutions with passion and motivation

Highly experienced and motivated Software Engineer. My core area of expertise is web development; however, I also have knowledge when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Data Science.

ViewModels Pattern in Laravel in 5 mins

ViewModel Pattern is a design pattern used to separate logic and data from the view layer. This leads to a cleaner, more maintainable codebase as the complexity of your application grows. ViewModels act as intermediaries between controller...

Repository Pattern in Laravel: why and how

The Repository Pattern is a software design pattern that provides a way to abstract and encapsulates the data access layer of an application. In this pattern, a repository acts as an intermediary between the application and the data source...

How to use actions in Laravel in 10 mins

When working on software, you have to deal with some business logic. For example, if you are working on a money management app, each user should be able to create a new transaction. I will write code in PHP (in particular Laravel), but the...

Tips to improve Laravel factories — by @tchuryy

Tips to improve Laravel factories In the last post, we talked about migrations. Today we will focus on factories. What is a factory? A factory is a class that helps you to generate fake or sample data for database seeding or testing purpos...

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    Lead Software Engineer
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    University of L'Aquila
    Master Degree in Computer Science
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    Software Developer
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